Tactical plan


During the preparation or carrying out of an intervention, you need to collect and share information concerning the situation rapidly, clearly and with contacts who are not always physically present (authorities, coordination with other forces, communication with the media etc.). Today, tactical operators often only have access to manual tools which cannot be shared and do not allow the various hypotheses for action to be exposed, nor to record the precise sequence of events for future use.

How to optimise the coordination of actors ?

How to provide the intervention team with the elements they need ?

How to build different hypotheses before deciding ?

How to represent a tactical situation ?

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  • Use of IREMOS Solution integrated plans
  • Chronological monitoring of events
  • Feedback support (Retex)
  • Secure access, in the form of a licence
Prepare your interventions

Thanks to Tactical Plan, you can visualise the various hypotheses for action and hold your intervention briefings on a visual and didactic basis. Entirely configurable according to your organisation and the nature of your sites, this software allows you to share all your intervention hypotheses remotely.

Optimise intervention coordination

The coordination of the intervention is facilitated by a better comprehension of the dynamics of the event and the available tactical information :

  • Integration of “hot” information: commentaries, pictures, zoning, video
  • Clarity and ergonomics of cold information: internal image library within the database
Record and locate the chronology of events

The Tactical Plan software allows for chronological monitoring of events, geolocated on maps of your sites and intervention zones. You can also enrich this data in real time through the integration of feeds from all the sensors positioned around the area of the event.

Replay the event in the feedback phase

During debriefing and feedback, the Tactical Plan software allows you to replay the various phases of the intervention, in order to enrich and improve response scenarios.

IIREMOS TACTICAL PLAN allows to provide various live data useful for the correct comprehension of the event.