Risk and security

You wish to anticipate and prevent the occurrence of malicious acts of any type, be they against your personnel, your sites or your assets, material or immaterial, with the goal of ensuring business continuity, while taking into account the efficiency of the measures implemented.

How to deploy a security policy within a multi-site environment?

What are the risks I truly face?

What requirements do I need to have in terms of security, taking into account my activity and branches?

Are my personnel, my data, my sites and facilities protected efficiently?

Define your security policy

On the basis of proven methodologies, we assist you in the implementation of a complete Management System adapted to your activities, integrating:

  • Risk analysis and mapping of actors and entities
  • Operational deployment of your policy
  • Modalities for follow-up of the implementation
  • Methods for continuously improving your measures
Define your standards of protection

Faced with multiple contexts and threats, we help you to define your minimal standards of protection on the basis of a simple and robust methodology:

  • Mapping of threats and targets and self-diagnostic tools
  • Method for measuring disparities in protection and zoning preparation
  • Adapting protective measures
Map your risks

IIREMOS advises you in the identification and evaluation of your major risks, so as to prioritise your actions and efficiently protect both your material and immaterial assets:

  • Identification and prioritisation of your risks
  • Prioritisation of risk reduction plans
  • Assistance in the deployment of action plans
Test the vulnerability of your sites

Site access procedures, integrated security measures (access control, CCTV, anti-intrusion, etc.), protection of confidential documents, cyber-threats, coherence of operational processes with regard to security requirements (logistical flows, quality assurance, etc.): we audit the measures in place and identify potential improvements to guard against malicious acts:

  • Audits of sites, service providers and procedures
  • Penetration testing
  • Mystery visits

Whatever the security challenge, IREMOS brings you the guarantee of a pragmatic and operational solution.