Log Book - Virtual crisis cell


At the moment a crisis appears, it is rare that managers are physically assembled within a cell (travel, weekends, home, etc.). Exchange of data is often done through email, SMS, phone calls, which are neither secured nor logged. The company log is generally kept in either Word or Excel, which is fastidious and does not allow to exchange information easily. These are all elements which lead to oversights and difficulties in coordination.

How to access crisis documents when I am not physically present within the cell ?

How to share crisis information in real time ?

How to transmit action plans and ensure they have been carried out ?

How to create a historical record of decisions taken based on context and available information ?

Easily access all the available information

Accessible from wherever you are (computer, smartphone, tablet), IREMOS Communication collects all your crisis documents and allows you to monitor events in real time:

  • Crisis procedures and reflex fact sheets
  • Organisational charts and crisis directories
  • Crisis models
  • Company log
Monitor and share tasks

Depending on your needs, you can access the task monitoring module, which allows you to :

  • Monitor the action plan
  • Manage reminder alarms
  • Provide situation updates
Computerise your company log

The computerisation of your company log within IREMOS Communication allows you to follow, through a simple and clear interface, all events and integrate situation updates. After the crisis, you therefore have a reliable basis for debriefing, feedback and traceability of information, which can be shared with the authorities.

Manage and monitor several crises simultaneously

As a member of several crisis cells, you can follow the crisis of your choice and several company logs in parallel on your screen.

From a simple company log to a virtual crisis cell: whatever your needs, IREMOS Communication helps you to manage your crises serenely.