International mobility

Since the Karachi ruling, any company, whatever its size or activities, has an obligation of safety towards its expatriate staff and its business travellers, which takes the form of a results obligation.

How to implement a travel policy which protects your employees efficiently ?

How to establish a risk analysis by country ?

What preventive measures to implement at head office level ?

What type of protections should be implemented at the local level (escorts, tracking tools, etc.) ?

Define your travel policy

Following a diagnosis of your organisation with regard to international mobility, IREMOS’ experts will help you define and deploy a complete staff protection policy abroad:

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Travel validation procedures
  • Measures to be deployed before and after travel
  • Modalities for staff protection
Analyse risks by country

Practical, condensed and immediately usable, the Country Cards offered by IREMOS allow to highlight the risk factors susceptible of impacting travellers and expatriates:

  • Useful information and mapping of sensitive zones
  • Economic, political and social situation
  • Security, criminal and terrorist situation
  • Recommendations for behaviours to be adopted

All our country cards are provided through a web interface configured according to your areas of interest. 

Essential advice for travellers

An indispensable tool for the business traveller, the Traveller’s Guide has been designed to remind the reader of all useful and necessary advice for considering your own security when travelling:

  • Behaviours to be adopted
  • Ways to act in case of danger
  • Preventive measures
Prepare the travel of your staff

IREMOS advises you with regard to preparations for travel to a risk zone :

  • Evaluation of security level of host sites
  • Search for local partners
  • Alert systems and evacuation plans

Whether you desire to improve your organisation, implement a travel policy or even obtain assistance with an occasional issue, IREMOS can assist you.