Information and monitoring of travellers


As an employer you are faced with an obligation of results as to the protection of your business travellers and expatriates. From health to security, the domains which require handling are vast, and you can quickly come face to face with problems relating to privacy protection. IREMOS offers you an integrated solution, allowing you to respond to your operational needs in terms of traveller protection.

How to fulfil my duty to inform travellers and expatriates ?

How to communicate with them during a critical phase and alert them ?

How to know the number of travellers and expatriates present in a country ?

How to follow travellers as they journey through a risk zone?

What type of security and health assistance should be provided after a disaster ?

Train and inform

Each staff member can consult all the information useful for the preparation of their departure on their smartphone :

  • Country files and location of danger zones
  • Recommendations and correct attitudes, health and security
  • Company policy and useful contacts
Secure your staff

At all times, your staff has direct access to a security and health assistance service, available 24/7. Based on the options you have subscribed to, we intervene directly to provide staff members in difficulty with assistance.

Follow their travel

Based on the rules defined by your company, staff members broadcast their location at all times :

  • Geolocation by notification of positions
  • Real time monitoring of travel within a risk zone
  • Alert in case of lack of notification
Couple health and security

With Secur & Maps, within a single application, you have all the assistance services your business travellers and expatriates could need when travelling.

SECUR & MAPS provides you with all the tools to secure the travel of your business travellers, within a single user-friendly application.