Incident escalation


As part of multi-site locations, escalation and consolidation of local data and incidents is often complex: information, email or SMS, difficult input in Excel, information not shared or shared belatedly, difficulty in consolidating and creating statistics or consulting data in real time, etc.

With IREMOS Report, you can automate and centralise incident escalation in a secure and reliable manner.  The system generates alerts as well as your activity reports.


How to rapidly and efficiently escalate incidents ?

How to organise alert systems following a predetermined event ?

How to implement a security strategy with regard to facts and historical data ?

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  • User-friendliness of the software

  • Pre-established report structures

  • Automatic transmission of alerts

  • Accessible through smartphones and tablets

Declare and centralise information and incidents

Thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface, in a few clicks you can declare an event or incident. All information is entered in entirely configurable formats and consolidated according to your specific needs.

Automate your alerts

Depending on predefined levels of criticality and your own alert systems, you have the ability to automatically transmit files for the event / staff member / incident to the persons or groups of persons defined in IREMOS Report. Visualise the location of your staff.

Program multi-criteria searches

Through a multi-criteria search system, you cross-reference data and arrive at mapped, numerical results, which you can extract as any MS Office format.

Edit reports and statistics in 1-click

With IREMOS Report, you integrate and configure, according to your specific needs and criteria, all the reports and statistical formats useful in the steering of your activities.

Incidents, intervention reports, location of incidents: whatever the subject matter, IREMOS Report allows you to centralise, unite and analyse all your data in real time.