Digital security plan


Critical data relating to a strategic site are often disseminated and inaccessible when we need them (up-to-date plans, access routes, camera positions, etc.). In case of a crisis (hostage taking, natural disaster, etc.), external and company actors by definition no longer have access to the premises which might have the information necessary for steering. With IREMOS Solution, you centralise the entirety of these elements in a reliable and secure manner, independently of the site.

Where do I store critical information for my sensitive sites ?

How to provide external actors with the elements they need ?

How to evaluate the impact of my site being sequestered ?

Where to quickly find all the documents I will need in the case of a crisis ?

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  • Adaptable to any kind of site
  • Multi-site steering
  • Secure access, in the form of a licence
Centralise the entirety of critical data for your sites

Thanks to IREMOS Solution, you have all the information necessary for understanding your branches within a single interface: plans, pictures, videos, procedures, directories, etc. Entirely configurable according to your organisation and the nature of your sites, this software allows you to remotely display any level of detail, by successive zoom levels.

Prepare and simulate interventions

In the anticipation and preparation phase, intervention or emergency services work on an identical and up-to-date database, the same one for all actors. At the time of the intervention, they therefore know the terrain on which they must act perfectly.

Have access to all pertinent elements, in real time

The IREMOS Solution database allows you consult all the information necessary for decision-making, easily and quickly :

  • Up-to-date plans and photographs of sensitive zones
  • Pre-recorded videos and 360° photographs
  • Transport routes and protective measures
  • Integration of existing CCTV
Unite all actors and stakeholders

IREMOS Solution helps you analyse and manage the event on the basis of complete and objective elements :

  • On the site, so as to steer operations
  • Within the strategic crisis cell, so as to make the correct decisions and be capable of interfacing with the authorities

Critical or sensitive site, urban centre, country steering: whatever the size or nature of your branches, IREMOS Solution helps you to maintain control.