Crisis management

Natural disasters, economic, quality, financial, human, criminal, technological, political or terrorist crisis: from prevention to precautionary measures, any organisation, public or private, needs to implement a global policy for anticipating and managing crises and disasters.

Whatever your field of activity, crises are a reality: preparation remains the only way to lower the risks of occurrence and above all the magnitude of the impact of the event.

How to define and implement efficient crisis organisation ?

How to share information ?

How to define alert mechanisms and how to apply them (constraints, communication, etc.) ?

Is my organisation and personnel ready to face any type of crisis ?

What are my obligations in terms of prevention and precautions ?

Size your crisis spaces

Crisis spaces or crisis rooms, IREMOS experts can advise you and help you make the choices best adapted to your budget, your constraints and your expectations:

  • Ergonomics consulting
  • Writing a functional specification and technical requirements
  • Works management consulting
Organise your crisis communication

In a time of instantaneousness and immediacy, communication has become one of the main challenges when managing your crises: communication plan and mechanisms, managing the media, social networks, stakeholders, implementation of alert and monitoring tools etc. Our approach is based on several years of experience in managing crisis communications and taking into account your company and communication culture.

Devise and improve your crisis governance

Crisis organisation, alert systems, composition of crisis cells, modes of communication and information: IREMOS provides you with the benefit of its operational experience in managing crises and accompanies you through all the stages of the definition of your governance.

Test your organisation in a crisis situation

Since the aptitude of an organisation to manage crises can only be efficiently measured in a real situation, we offer custom-created crisis exercises, adapted to your challenges and the scope of issues to be tested.

Whatever the nature of your crises, IREMOS advises and accompanies you in the implementation of anefficient crisis solution