Business continuity


Transformation projects, Business Continuity, crisis management should all be prepared and anticipated. To define key actions, prioritise them, execute [?] and deploy them, requires proper project steering, for which organisations generally do not have the tools.
With RCA Manager, you have a simple and pragmatic tool, dedicated to the steering of your important projects and business continuity.

How to associate risks with their consequences for the company ?

How to categorise my actions by Directions, Functionss ?

How to ensure real time monitoring ?

How to prioritise actions ?

Associate risks with their consequences for the company

Any mapping of risks must determine and cross-reference risks with their consequences for the company. Based on their impact, the company can implement a business continuity strategy and crisis preparations that are adapted and pertinent.

Follow the advancement of actions in real time, in « project mode »

Thanks to a simple and ergonomic interface, you can monitor the progress of action processing (ongoing, finished, etc.). You are able to set monthly steering points and rapidly identify delays in deployment.  Based on attributed rights, anyone can directly update their actions, without having to consolidate multiple files: at any time, you are certain to have the latest version !

Manage and steer actions by Function

With RCA Manager, each identified consequence is associated with actions to be performed, the responsibility for which is distributed according to Direction / Function. These actions can be collected from your existing systems (e.g. HRMS) and interfaced within RCA Manager, thereby avoiding double input and complex updates.

Prioritise actions and integrate them within a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

RCA Manager allows you to classify your actions according to their priorities and to integrate this notion within your Business Impact Analysis so as to :

  • determine areas of business fragility
  • concentrate your efforts on priority actions

With RCA Manager, you can steer your important projects and business continuity plans simply and effectively. Prioritisation, classification, task attribution: you can quickly visualise all the elements necessary for steering and decision-making.