Preparing the travel of a staff member to a risk zone, implementing new procedures, crisis situation and safeguard measures, constraint management, etc.: these are all issues organisations worry about and try to find solutions for, without being able to invest themselves directly.

From the outsourcing of all or part of your security tasks to the implementation of a hotline, IREMOS assists and advises you in your daily security issues and crisis management.

Who to call to advise me and validate my choices in terms of security ?

What are the first emergency measures to take in a crisis situation ?

How to implement an emergency number for my travelling staff ?

Under what conditions can I obtain expert advice at any moment ?

A consultant available at any time

With its Security Adviser service, IREMOS offers you the outsourcing of all or part of your security tasks :

  • Telephone advice, offering you to the keys to an objective choice
  • Answers adapted to the organisation and culture of your company
  • Status updates performed according to your needs
  • Assistance in anticipating crisis situations
Mobilise a crisis management consultant within your cell

Depending on your needs, IREMOS offers you assistance, usable in a crisis situation :

  • Advice on first emergency measures in case of crisis or threat of crisis
  • An expert at your side, within your crisis cell
  • Availability adapted to your requirements
Allow us to assist you in your main decisions

You have questions concerning the measures for protecting your business travellers, you require an audit performed by a trusted party to challenge your already implemented measures, you wish to discuss your projects with a seasoned professional? The Security Adviser is there to listen.

Offer security assistance to your staff

When faced with a malicious act when travelling, your business travellers and expatriates have a contact available at any time, able to advise them on the correct conduct and to help you take the first emergency measures.

IREMOS offers you assistance adapted to your needs and to your organisation.